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    Bespoke menus. Produce led. A love of foraging, seasonality & street foods of the world.

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    Why not undress your thoughts and leave them vulnerable?

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    Feel small. Feel humble.

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Edible Words

Things what I can do

Here to peddle my wares. I’m a WordPress-based web-builder; cooker of fresh produce – recipes from the Med to Mexico; lover of the outdoors, come snow or high-sunshine; writer of words that are better heard spoken.

I’ll build you a pretty site and write it so people can find it. I’ll cook you what you want to be cooked and match it with what you want to get drunk on. I’ll (try) and tell where you should go in the mountains, and why you should damn-well do so. I’ll (try) to speak about what you might not want to hear, in a way you might want to hear it.

This is me and what I do. As much as one can ever be here.

North African Mezze

  • Smoked paprika & toasted cumin baba ganoush.
  • Homemade harissa smothered Mackerel, roasted with fresh apricots... Pomegranate & giant couscous tebbouleh... Broad bean & cardamom falafel
  • Fresh figs with mascarpone, saffron & honey.


Want a dinner party without the bother? I’ll create thee a menu based on whatever you desire. Source the best ingredient. Match the food with the right wine, cocktail or beer. Set the lighting and musics. Ooosh, nae bother for you and a fun night for all.

I’m also the very Co-Director of OsNosh – Oswestry’s Community Kitchen. We’re a CIC with a simple mission: to take food that would otherwise be wasted, and cook tor anyone who wants it. All for free. Social inclusion served up and on a platter of fighting food poverty and waste… Find out more bellow!

Want a dinner party without the bother of doing it yourself?

Let me know what you're looking for...
Spoken word & Poetry

A space to listen & read

I have thoughts. I try and put them into words, then into rhythms that are digestible to the ears. Suppose I mainly try and make the abstract edible. Than’s me and mine, how about you? Looking to create a little community of the creative…

Tap those pictures to reveal the words therein….

A Man’s World



Why not undress your thoughts and leave them vulnerable?

Read. Listen. Share.

Stanzas & Bars

  • I have held the memory of you / So often In the palm of my thoughts / That the image is now weather-beat / As creased As the crows-feet / That stand at the corner of each eye / Every time I smile when I look at it
Here's some example of some websites and writings

Clear Design. Mobile Optimised. Affordable.

Want a good looking sight that’ll get your audience’s pupils dilating and fingers itching to click? Don’t want to splash too much of those precious cash monies? Well, I’m here to help. With quick builds that look the part.

Jessie Miller Letterpress – Clean and Elegant

Jock’s Hot Sauce – WooCommerce site

Skibug – Large site with integrated booking

Come and get your hands on one from £250

Beautifully designed and built quickly


  • Favourite backcountry, slackcountry & touring routes
  • Don't be a dick. Read the mountains. Read the weather. Learn.
Trip reports, Insight & Photography

Stuff the world into your senses

I like mountains. hiking/climbing up ’em, going inside them, and most certainly skiing down ’em.

I am by now means an expert. This is a space for everyone to share there experience, insight and photography…


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